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A thorough home inspection is crucial when buying or selling real estate property in The Woodlands, TX. Whether it be a single-family home or an office complex, knowing the potential hazards and the likely cost of replacement and/or repair is extremely important. A property appraisal just isn’t enough when it comes to understanding the overall condition of the house, office suite, or manufacturing facility.
Our company provides complete residential and commercial inspections that result in a detailed report of the conditions of all critical areas of the property. A property inspection carried out by a member of our experienced team means peace of mind for both the buyer and seller.
Our residential building inspections include looking over the following critical areas of the property exterior: foundation, roof supports and coverings, cross ventilation, and supported porches and balconies. We also take the time to thoroughly inspect and evaluate the condition of the home’s heating and air conditioning, electrical load capability, plumbing, and natural gas appliances.

The Woodlands, Texas Home Inspections

Properties may be cleaned and detailed prior to viewing by potential buyers and property management companies, but many hidden problems can escape notice. These include the HVAC system, elevators, water supply and plumbing, and permanent fixtures.
We will list the most prominent items on a preliminary report and show it to the client prior to the inspection. Once the inspection is completed, we will draw up an evaluation and send it directly to the client. The report will clearly state which systems in the structure are in need of repair or upgrade – especially the electrical and heating system components – and if necessary, include photos and statistical data to support our findings and recommendations.
Don’t take a chance on a home that has not been given a complete interior and exterior inspection. The cost is minimal compared to the amount you might pay for compliance violations and repairs after you purchase the property. Remember, an appraisal and property survey is insufficient when it comes to identifying potential problems. Our company is here to help you make an informed choice about your purchase of a new property.

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