Homeowners and potential buyers of residential properties in Spring, Texas each benefit from looking over the detailed findings of a carefully completed home inspection. These inspections are carried out by a licensed professional looking for potential problems. These are hazards which could cause damage in the future or require replacement or repair in order for the property to be in compliance with local building codes.

Before purchasing a residential property, buyers are encouraged to have a complete home inspection performed. This may already be scheduled by the current owner, but if it is not, insist that a complete exterior and interior inspection be carried out by an experienced professional.

Generally, a home inspection involves a list of potential hazards or code violations both on the exterior and interior of the structure. The inspector makes a note of the exact street address of the property and includes the actual date and time the items were inspected. This becomes part of the official report which can actually be used as evidence if legal action becomes necessary.

Spring, TX Home Inspector

A residential home inspector will first take a look at the exterior of the home. He or she carefully inspects the condition of the foundation, the firmness of the supporting soil, and any signs of weakening of the home itself, especially signs of settling. The exterior walls are checked for moisture intrusion, the roof is inspected for signs of decay or loss of integrity, and the sewage or septic system is investigated in detail.

The interior inspection includes looking at the electrical system and the amount of energy the home is using as well as any potential hazard of overloading the existing circuitry. The entire plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and ventilation system is checked. Inspectors also look for signs of dry rot, mold and mildew, and the existence of any wood borers such as termites, mice, or other rodents.

When the inspection is completed, the final report filed includes details on any system, structure, or appliance that may be in need of repair or upgrade. The report also includes information about what interior and exterior components of the house may be in violation of certain building codes.

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