Commercial building inspectors in Spring, TX examine the structure, electrical wiring, elevator systems, plumbing and mechanical systems of buildings that are to be sold and used for commercial purposes. Their job is to ensure that the buildings meet government regulations, standards and codes.

There are several types of inspectors, and a general building inspector examines the quality and overall safety of buildings, while some specialize in reinforced-concrete or steel structures. They also inspect buildings for working fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire exits and smoke control systems. Building inspectors assess the contents of structures and risks of attached buildings, as well as check for adequate fire protection equipment.

Electrical inspectors scrutinize electrical system equipment and installation to ensure proper functionality and standard and code compliance. They also examine wiring, electrical motors, lighting, generators, and sound and security systems. Mechanical inspectors assess the installation of ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems and equipment, including commercial boilers, gas-fired equipment and kitchen appliances.

Spring, Texas Commercial Building Inspector

Plumbing inspectors check the installation of pipes to ensure the health and safety of drinking water, chemical processes for industrial use and waste disposal. They make sure that the piping layout, setting of fixtures, back flow protection and venting comply with standards and codes. Elevators are assessed by elevator inspectors in buildings that have them.

To complete these inspections, commercial building inspectors use metering devices, survey instruments, tape measures and other equipment that, for example, measures the strength of concrete. They track the assessments in a log, take pictures and file reports, sending the results by fax or email.

Building standards and codes are the main methods by which the United States regulates structures to ensure that the general public remains healthy and safe. Building inspectors monitor the compliance of these regulations according to the conditions of certain areas. For example, additional safety regulations are in place in areas where natural disasters and other severe weather are more common to ensure that buildings can stand up to those conditions.

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